On 23 November 2022, it was 59 years since the first episode of Dr Who

The cover of the Radio Times that week, back in 1963, announced: “A new Saturday afternoon television series of adventures in time and space.”

This site is not a typical fan site, with detailed information on the history of the Doctor and his various assistants and adventures. That information is widely available on sites that are more informed than this one. This site is about the effect Dr Who had on a young creative mind, who as an adult, still has fond memories of the Time Lord from Gallifrey.

For me, Dr Who began properly at age 9 when Jon Pertwee changed my life for ever. Although Patrick Troughton was the Dr Who I saw first, (and I feel has the best Dr Who look), Jon Pertwee was the person I emulated.

Pedal car - who1.ukI had an old rusting metal pedal car, with a growing number of sharp edges. One day, my dad removed the workings and reinstalled them in a new wooden body, that he designed and built. Being made of wood, it allowed modifications to be easily added. After seeing the Doctor’s car, ‘Bessie’, I decided to convert my car into his. I even added the registration ‘WHO 1’, which years later, has become the name for this website.

Please note, that some of the material posted on this website has been harvested from the web, and may belong to others. Where this is the case, I am happy to credit it, or remove it, as necessary, if contacted. Nothing is sold on this site and no payments are received or requested for anything – it is purely an informational fan site.